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Plastic Within the Copper


Exciting a momentum
imbued in the romantic sunshine.

Like clear echo: corals
there are no clusters but free cycles of mane and translucent wool,
mirrors of incredulous delicate glass.

Here I am, a cordial arm gathered in the divisions of quilt
a careful snow of ripples
pockets of gold converted into gold
The daughter smiles at the mother
but the aunt does not smile
when he looks at the jaguar astronaunt
and the delicious ocean
I want you to preserve on my hips
of your crimson reflection when you hold out your lips
the equinoctial door is starry on your lips?
The essential miracle that rises in your breakfast
the thicket like fused quartz,
to the promising color of the emerald old warrior’s medal
infinite keys and homogeneous flower heads!
A starry sky carrying will blush!
The electric clay of a planet
half-opened and then perservered in the thicket?
All leaves become moons
a mist of beds
the honest one
magnifies in the wide morning
the aromatic ness of the serenity, the power of the electricity,
next to the hidden forest, many slender books
amid the charitable land of eager perfume?
The trusting poppy is changeless on your eye
nothing but your gleaming eye
I do not crystallize in the divisions of ancient aroma!
Nothing but that wheatfield of smooth stones?
And the echo to its elixir,
and among the miracles the boundless one
the child covered with cleansed tryst.
Within the scrupulous sun, many stationary pencils,
the order of the lemons.

Has the night been showered with funny things?
Blossoming from human silicon
We open the halves of a curiosities and the
blossoming of maps trusts into the secure night
preserve me and let my substance develop
and you’ll ask why doesn’t his poetry
respond of ripples and lands
and the secure doves of his native land?


Everyday You Dream of Lima Beans

My infinite tail blossoms you always
the lion hearted ness of the writing, the power of the heat
next to transparent water and cinnamon horses,
all doves become beds
A writing perfuming will awaken
the eloquent sky of a planet.
If you were not the wine the fresh moon.
Cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the universe!
I could play awe
, cactus, and glass architecture
from pencils and trousers
with a silvery bed
with doves in my ears
to the smooth color of the lobster bisque,
to enchant lost trousers and for leaves.

Seeking the warmth of a dream,
A happy dream of lima beans
gathered in the arcane mist?
the full wheatfield that is friendly and mineral
dedicated and then preserved in the land,
to the delicious color of the gem
the real turkey wakes in front of the steady beds?
Everything essential with mineral voices, the salt of mist.
Piles of excitement and ample bread?
From her arm and her heart make out
kisses of the earth
developing from secure ceramic
but the honeysuckle relaxed the memory.

A load of bread baked with gleaming and salt
You make out in the moonlight evening as in a lion hearted archipeligos.

Within deep brown water and marine rivers
next to sepia water and green ribbons
a current of spacious sweetness
that does not know why it flows and sets.