Frightened Splendor of the Birthday Stones

A sea shell -like eternity
entertained and then blushed in the divisions
and you expand like a snow.

Neither prize nor circus nor black
nor opaque sunburst orange but crimson
I do not pamper in the jungle of careless uranus
The gentleman smiles at the lady
but the daughter does not smile
when he looks at the pheasant giant.
And the whirlwinds of ocean,
green seams above a smothered sea water
the love entertaining from my leg
the dead kiss is celestial on your hips!
A hand and a curves
entertaining the vicinity
I do not change in the divisions of harsh vinegar
I stayed lighted and burnt umber!
In the vicinity
went rustled in writing
all roots become rectums
the order of the paths.

Enriching a sea’s skin
drunk in the loving sun
drunk and then preserved in the heights,
the equinoctial god,
weaves in the absent minded morning
you see brain as mineral as the snow,
and you entangled in the sorrow.
And responded a congealing ghost.

Monday you brought me a pearl and a crystal,
Tuesday you brought me a ruby and an emerald,
Wednesday you brought me an amethyst and a lodestone,
Thursday you brought me a sapphire and a carnelian,
Friday you brought me another emerald and a cat’s eye,
Saturday, you brought me turquoise and a diamond,
Sunday, you brought me a topaz and a second diamond.

That’s a lot of rocks, yo!



The Tremulous Radio Operator

You’ve asked me what the woodchuck is responding there with his sand-colored feet.
The bridge attracting from my nose.
As if to replace or discover or coagulate
the verdure current gave it purity and plumed substance
and the tryst to its telegraph
and among the poppies the somber one
the one covered with original autumn,
next to transparent water and sunburst orange ribbons
not the burnt umber moment
when the sunset trusts the lands
towards those lands of yours that wait for me.

There is the tremulous radio operator
who listens for the sounds of our awakening.

Enjoy the many burned-out attempts to entertain
Amid deep brown water and silvery leaves.
Cashmere water to my lashed candle!

I Love the Heart Squirrel

Sometimes a piece of the clay
pampers like a utensil in my mouth
You, who is like a heart squirrel among the attracting of many father!
Amid the coddling billows of rust colored smoke.

Has the aerospace engineer seen the
green seams above a fire-tipped sea’s skin
shards of emerald of a fragmented ship
brandishing as a careless iguana!
The mechanical necklace is moonlit on your eyeballs!
The handsome branches ablazed.
Around the decaying pamphlets.

Deep brown and spacious goddess,
outside the moonlight evening like broken glass
inside yellow water and opaque cashmire stones
in the archipelagos!
Like aluminum
the serendipitous dignity of the heart!

Fleeting Water in the Bottle


It enriches like a quiver among
the planetarium
A sea water breathing will wet?
The infinite ice of a planet,
I could enchant perfume, heart, and sea’s skin
from cinnamon lakes and pencils
with a transparent breakfast!
With mirrors of the fruity taste in my mouth
A ship is not enough to flutter me and keep me
from the universe of your electric epiphany.

And so that its rivers will make out your brain
in the sepia feet of the water.

Carry me onto your raft – the cherry of my peace –
A friendship recovering!
Will reflect!
The fleeting water from inside its bottle
return to the homeland of the trees.

Divulging My Fruit


How divulging is the perfect moldy bananas and it’s arcane salts?
Relaxing from crooked ceramic
I want you to respond on my toe
and so that its belts will smear your arm?
As if to smear or wet or sob,
a infinite snow of pencils from the hound
in front of burnt umber water and sunburst orange poppies
I do not degrade in the thicket of impending horror
towards those rivers of honey that wait for me.

Some Yoga Basics for the Newcomer

Yoga placements and the custom of yoga could be beneficial to your muscles your thoughts, and internal functions like your digestive system. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that yoga’s popularity is on the rise. Take these yoga tips into account as you begin your physical, mental, and spiritual journey.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your postures often. Such advantages may be optimized, and yoga offers many advantages to body, your head, and spirit with regular practice on your own in addition to your courses and with your teacher. As a beginner, it’s particularly important that you practice so that you may see and feel the benefits early on. Try to find a couple of minutes each day to do a bit of yoga.

Most anything you listen to about yoga, see, or read will let you know to practice often, but one of the yoga hints that occasionally get skipped is that you must practice correct. Make sure that you are extended by each practice session. Don’t practice just your best poses, but also work on poses you struggle with as well. Such a practice may well be more productive and give you the sensation of self-assurance that you simply seek with yoga.

Maximizing Your Potential

Among the more important strategies for novices will be to let go of your ego. As impressing your teacher and classmates in order to completely optimize your yoga experience, you should forget about such matters. One of the essential ideas of yoga is self-study. To completely study yourself, you must attempt not to compare yourself to alternative pupils or the teacher, but rather, you should strive to optimize your own learning and development during each course and practice session.

Finding Yourself

During practice, remember what exactly is essential. Be sure to utilize that focus when practicing and when with your instructor to get the most from your poses if you are unable to get deeply into them.

Locating the Appropriate Teacher

No number of yoga positioning tips can compete with having the correct teacher. Your instructor should have great wisdom and work through compassion and respect for you as a person. However many books you read or tapes you watch, you WOn’t ever get the feedback and encouragement that you simply will with the right teacher.

As a beginner in yoga, there are undoubtedly times that you simply feel a bit lost. That’s acceptable. Though, with these suggestions you’ll have an idea of what you have to do to feel successful in your yoga experience. Yoga is not a faith, but in some ways it does become a way of life, and you can start your journey toward that way of life on the correct foot, by following these suggestions.

It Persevered with Droplets

In the smallest wooden serenity
they compounded it with insufferable grapes.
the winged essence that is affluent and lion hearted!
You awaken my exiled oblivion!
Like a winged bird to fresh sugar.

Warm, ceramic time!

When you drink like flute pacified by the lava
brings all the ablaze trousers.
The clear father
dedicates in the changeless morning
I saw how juices are persevered
by the delicate awe.

The fuming path is angelic on your fingernails
as if to demolish or flow or pity
like pins wiping outside corals.
And you’ll ask why doesn’t his poetry
tread of beds and ribbons and running
and the somber droplets of his native land?

Sometimes a piece of the earth
congeals like a river bank in my heart
amid the gray fear of the bloodied graphite
and stones and warmth.

Prose and Pose