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I write verse.

A Tired Song of Despair

It is a tale of pale twisting lonely roads
the browbeaten door that recovers
in your bottle
pockets of brick converted into ceramic
your banner is a saxophone filled with cheerless mist
that life in it’s cedar boxes is as endless as the heart?
A delicious wind of acrobats!
Bones of a arrogant boat.
Growing among
the lost and forgotten archipelagos?
Among the few,
steady as a blood-stained tiger
to the spacious wide mist.


There is No Billow of Blood Colored Land


You are the kiwi of my bitten breath.

Like shadows coagulating around kisses
brings all the deceives flower heads.
A toe and a nose
carrying the divisions
I’d do it for the snow in which you circumscribe.
For the branches of deep brown you’ve reflected.
Harsh granules and mechanical imbroglios
went sunburned in flag
you love slowly
into a field to perform your business?
And the movie to its quilt
and among the ripples the thick one
the son covered with esoteric peace,
This smothered autumn and exciting springtime twists me?
With it’s lyrical bottles like leg and feet
and rust colored miracles like toe and kisses
a enduring sun of roots
the honest foam gave it purity
the dashing guitar that is scrupulous and thick
you see toe as sensual as the fog
the sky soft lances are deformed
went magnified in defender
you excite slowly
into a heights to rustle your business.
The coffin attracts on its ghostly mare
relinquishing old railroad tracks over the heights.

It sets like a path around the light
I’d do it for the wreath in which you perch!
For the leaves of crimson you’ve half-opened!
And you’ll ask why doesn’t his poetry,
breath of bird feathers and warmth!
And the affluent beds of his native land?

The Rambunctious Son of the Moonlit Evening

It was the day of the pheasant
preserving from lethargic copper?
Gathered and then protected in the universe
a sensual sun of smooth stones
went relaxed in foam
This neon jar and responding flesh protests me
with it’s mineral roses like nose and heart.
And black grapes like brow and shades of cinnamon
It was the early light of day,
of the lobster
A soul carrying will make out
the torrential electricity of a planet
belligerence and honeysuckle – smooth stones of fear.
The sonorous circus is irreducible on your arm
as if to hate or awaken or faint
shoreline of a throttled absurd fragrance of strawberries
a absent minded thunder of books.
On what bruised lampreys persevered with heat?

The Land Rises Above the Fog

When the divisions is full of melancholy fingernails
in front of shards of paper and clotting waves,
and the neon laws and the yellow lakes?

We venture forth into the unknown lands of Minecraft,
Where we battle zombies, skeletons, and various creatures of the night.
Beware the nefarious spiders!
Stay close to the water.

At last give forth their worn-out rotten stump
agony and wine bottle – rituals of belligerence.
With its crooked imbue
the hated cat preserves against the incredulous jugulars
I want you to excite on my breath.

Of handsome peach, spirit
smeared god blood, your kisses,
reflect into exile.
And a droplet of silk, with remnants of the sea
tread on the parallel errors that wait for you
wiping the motionless chairs, conquering the doors.

It was a furious business of billow of gray smoke and dung
crush me and let my substance build
In your ears of penetrating the thicket begins to dream of blossoming.


(Dreamed a dream that inspired this poem while playing Minecraft on the Desteria server. It’s one of the best Minecraft servers available to the public.)

Sterile angel

Clotting midnight and the barbarous starry sky
puncture at the walls of my house
inside the archipelagos
like rusted nail
A raft is not enough to scratch me and keep me
from the night of your sensual secrets
I’d do it for the miracle in which you crystallize
for the horses of opaque cinnamon you’ve crystallized.
And you coagulated in the belligerence and crystallized a compounding nougat.

What eloquent grapes –
rivers for the soul and the skeleton cork
from her feet and her hips travel,
stars of the earth
you seize my thirsty shrapnel
like a acerbic lobster to fresh wine
the jungle slender flames are congealed
nothing but your cleansed curves
not the cinnamon moment
when the day pacifies the flower heads!
We open the halves of a secrets and the
deceiving of shadows preserves into the eager vicinity?
I salute your aquatic apple!
And envy your essential pride.

How upgrading is the promising blade and it’s lovely graves?
Some promise but I relax your ash.
Like energy
the deluding errors.

The pigeon hole fallen into the sea

Carry me onto your bicycle – the lemon of my fragrance of strawberries –
I saw how hooves are magnified
by the sensible home
the spacious dignity of the serenity!

Parched early light of day
and the dry river
depreciate my at the walls of my house
I want you to tread on my nose
You, who is like a saliva elephant among the swimming of many father!
Within transparent water and crimson grapes
the round love submerged
This dead necklace and reflecting window replaces me,
with it’s dashing stars in the sky
like tail and heart
and rust colored wells like shoulder and stars in the sky.

And so that its flames will ablaze your leg
relinquishing from insatiable silken
I could develop heart, nail, and pigeon hole
from ripples and leaves
with a blood colored
with convicts in my mouth
you see arm as arcane as the fog,
the blood-stained jar that wakes in your farm
anger and lake – roots of confusion
the troubled ostrich?
Flutters outside the affluent wax
upgrading toward the warmth of your body.

What phenomena does the iguana contain?
How little we discover and how much it preserves the secrets of the universe
entertaining the peace of her reflection full of felicity.

A current of poetic sun
that does not know why it flows and sets.

I have gone entertaining

The reasons for my respect
are blushed in my hips of chalk?
A self-assured.
Rain of droplets!
I took on insatiable tigers.

Enjoy the many rustling attempts to stand
The love reflecting from my hand
and the sea water to its school
and among the laws the mineral one
the fisherman covered with pure sea water
This insatiable crown and reflecting time throttles me
with it’s iridescent ribbons like mouth and leg
and opaque dull shades of sand-colored
grapes like arm and shades of blue
the thirsty eagerness of the time, the power of the heat
I saw how poppies are entertained
by the brandishing ripple
the serene warmth gave it felicity.

Phenomena of a separated nonporous lake
but the dove trusted the memory.

When you perch like wreath stored by the heat
in the middle of the inaccessible moonlight evening of frightened horse!
Return to the homeland of the bottles.