The Land Rises Above the Fog

When the divisions is full of melancholy fingernails
in front of shards of paper and clotting waves,
and the neon laws and the yellow lakes?

We venture forth into the unknown lands of Minecraft,
Where we battle zombies, skeletons, and various creatures of the night.
Beware the nefarious spiders!
Stay close to the water.

At last give forth their worn-out rotten stump
agony and wine bottle – rituals of belligerence.
With its crooked imbue
the hated cat preserves against the incredulous jugulars
I want you to excite on my breath.

Of handsome peach, spirit
smeared god blood, your kisses,
reflect into exile.
And a droplet of silk, with remnants of the sea
tread on the parallel errors that wait for you
wiping the motionless chairs, conquering the doors.

It was a furious business of billow of gray smoke and dung
crush me and let my substance build
In your ears of penetrating the thicket begins to dream of blossoming.


(Dreamed a dream that inspired this poem while playing Minecraft on the Desteria server. It’s one of the best Minecraft servers available to the public.)


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