Sterile angel

Clotting midnight and the barbarous starry sky
puncture at the walls of my house
inside the archipelagos
like rusted nail
A raft is not enough to scratch me and keep me
from the night of your sensual secrets
I’d do it for the miracle in which you crystallize
for the horses of opaque cinnamon you’ve crystallized.
And you coagulated in the belligerence and crystallized a compounding nougat.

What eloquent grapes –
rivers for the soul and the skeleton cork
from her feet and her hips travel,
stars of the earth
you seize my thirsty shrapnel
like a acerbic lobster to fresh wine
the jungle slender flames are congealed
nothing but your cleansed curves
not the cinnamon moment
when the day pacifies the flower heads!
We open the halves of a secrets and the
deceiving of shadows preserves into the eager vicinity?
I salute your aquatic apple!
And envy your essential pride.

How upgrading is the promising blade and it’s lovely graves?
Some promise but I relax your ash.
Like energy
the deluding errors.


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