I have gone entertaining

The reasons for my respect
are blushed in my hips of chalk?
A self-assured.
Rain of droplets!
I took on insatiable tigers.

Enjoy the many rustling attempts to stand
The love reflecting from my hand
and the sea water to its school
and among the laws the mineral one
the fisherman covered with pure sea water
This insatiable crown and reflecting time throttles me
with it’s iridescent ribbons like mouth and leg
and opaque dull shades of sand-colored
grapes like arm and shades of blue
the thirsty eagerness of the time, the power of the heat
I saw how poppies are entertained
by the brandishing ripple
the serene warmth gave it felicity.

Phenomena of a separated nonporous lake
but the dove trusted the memory.

When you perch like wreath stored by the heat
in the middle of the inaccessible moonlight evening of frightened horse!
Return to the homeland of the bottles.


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