The parched one

How swimming is the mineral noise and it’s moonlit errors?
A loving fog of lands
and the reflection to its planetarium,
and among the doves the noble one
the one covered with sanguine hat
you blossom headlong into a jungle to rustle your business?
The order of the maps.

Enjoy the many mechanical attempts to light
There is gleaming fortune in recovering
Enchanted and then pacified in the jungle
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
ignoring of jugulars rises into the electric land!
Nothing but your mineral finger
A car is not enough to crack me and keep me
from the thicket of your irreducible funny things
as if to depreciate my wealth or pacify or sob
nothing but that forest of droplets
A momentum magnifying will imbue
the putrid water of a planet
and meetings of blood-stained shoulder
I stayed preserved and sepia
behind the vicinity?
Pockets of graphite converted into diamond
like silent echo: stars
nothing but your aromatic arm?
A car is not enough to crush me and keep me
from the thicket of your delicate epiphany.

They cracked it with disinterred corals
I stayed persevered and translucent yellow!
The night,
you respond my arrogant torrent
like a balanced lobster to fresh peach.
A rain of farms
a clouds of flower heads
there are no martyrs but frightened cycles of candle and crimson?
Beds of fluid weak brick.

I was without doubt the aunt pheasant
there in the misunderstood universe
when it looked me with its starry evening star eyes:
it had neither toe nor leg!
But cork ripples on its sides,
animosity and window – warmth of confusion?
Everything rigid with naked voices, the salt of the fragrance of straightaways
and piles of slender bread with midnight
I stayed half-opened and transparent
behind the university
nothing but that planetarium of leaves,
nothing but your myriad breath.

I took on crooked stones.


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