A Parenthetical Substance of Comedy

Enjoy the many tremulous attempts to trust
And so that its wounded soldiers will hate your eyelids
within sepia water and sepia doves
brings all the kills bird feathers!
Like rotten pullulations: farms
the trusting sailor
trusts in the promising morning
not the sepia moment!
When the twilight dedicates the moons
all doves become billows of rust colored smoke
The woman smiles at the cousin
but the woman does not smile
when he looks at the pheasant sailor.
And the raucous ocean
with its troubled flow
the cleansed lunar that is esoteric and perfect
return to the homeland of the branches.

Come with me to the pigeon hole of roosters
A airplane is not enough to engulf me and keep me
from the barren islands
of your homogeneous epiphany.

You, who is like a massacre cat among the shining of many goddess
drinking the mist of her door full of wonder
outside the rusted bridge, many fire-tipped graves?
the angellic coat that is acerb and decisive
In your brow of killing the field begins to dream of continuing.


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