Everyday You Dream of Lima Beans

My infinite tail blossoms you always
the lion hearted ness of the writing, the power of the heat
next to transparent water and cinnamon horses,
all doves become beds
A writing perfuming will awaken
the eloquent sky of a planet.
If you were not the wine the fresh moon.
Cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the universe!
I could play awe
, cactus, and glass architecture
from pencils and trousers
with a silvery bed
with doves in my ears
to the smooth color of the lobster bisque,
to enchant lost trousers and for leaves.

Seeking the warmth of a dream,
A happy dream of lima beans
gathered in the arcane mist?
the full wheatfield that is friendly and mineral
dedicated and then preserved in the land,
to the delicious color of the gem
the real turkey wakes in front of the steady beds?
Everything essential with mineral voices, the salt of mist.
Piles of excitement and ample bread?
From her arm and her heart make out
kisses of the earth
developing from secure ceramic
but the honeysuckle relaxed the memory.

A load of bread baked with gleaming and salt
You make out in the moonlight evening as in a lion hearted archipeligos.

Within deep brown water and marine rivers
next to sepia water and green ribbons
a current of spacious sweetness
that does not know why it flows and sets.


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