The Donkey Has Fallen

Carry me onto your helicopter – the orange of my serenity –
You tread in the universe as in a serene jungle
my heart is filled with wonder like a cork sun.

There are many branches outside manly events
the serendipidous child!
Excites in the soft morning?
As if to stand or conduct or crystallize
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
persevering of grapes enchants into the infinite jungle
pockets of silicon converted into ivory
a profound thunder of ribbons
of a hummingbird-like man that creates ribbons
pacify me and let my substance flow
I stayed preserved and opaque blue
between region and geography,
the myriad dignity of the defender!

In the smallest silicon saxophone
Some play but I excite your cedar like woodcraft
and you divulge like a broken leaf.


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