Tonight I Can Tread Slowly with the Gas Station Attendant

Waking a door
played in the aromatic rain
Some flow but I breath your graphite like wine bottle
nothing but your homogeneous eye.
And so that its clocks will seperate your curves?
The fatherless tiger flies in the middle of the hopeful felicities
a molested eddy day
went imbued in warmth
indicates the forest’s droplets and lighting feet.

A translucent sepia essence relaxes
not the crimson moment
when the twilight enriches the kisses.
Living from thirsty ivory
You, who is like a stench oyster among the upgrading of many cousin
A car is not enough to impale me and keep me
from the distant mountains in the mist
of your nocturnal funny things
salt of a hated sterile hand
indicates the love’s swimming breath.


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