Frightened Splendor of the Birthday Stones

A sea shell -like eternity
entertained and then blushed in the divisions
and you expand like a snow.

Neither prize nor circus nor black
nor opaque sunburst orange but crimson
I do not pamper in the jungle of careless uranus
The gentleman smiles at the lady
but the daughter does not smile
when he looks at the pheasant giant.
And the whirlwinds of ocean,
green seams above a smothered sea water
the love entertaining from my leg
the dead kiss is celestial on your hips!
A hand and a curves
entertaining the vicinity
I do not change in the divisions of harsh vinegar
I stayed lighted and burnt umber!
In the vicinity
went rustled in writing
all roots become rectums
the order of the paths.

Enriching a sea’s skin
drunk in the loving sun
drunk and then preserved in the heights,
the equinoctial god,
weaves in the absent minded morning
you see brain as mineral as the snow,
and you entangled in the sorrow.
And responded a congealing ghost.

Monday you brought me a pearl and a crystal,
Tuesday you brought me a ruby and an emerald,
Wednesday you brought me an amethyst and a lodestone,
Thursday you brought me a sapphire and a carnelian,
Friday you brought me another emerald and a cat’s eye,
Saturday, you brought me turquoise and a diamond,
Sunday, you brought me a topaz and a second diamond.

That’s a lot of rocks, yo!



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