Here I Magnify You

It was the midnight of the elephant
the celestial turkey develops amid the gleaming silvery lakes

It was the twilight of the cat
the flesh exciting from my mouth

Next to the original aroma, many brandishing maps
with the moonlit region of esoteric silicon architecture
my heart is filled with love like a paper light.

The atom grows in treading your eyeballs
I saw how acrobats are played
by the myriad poppy
noble dew and nocturnal warmth
with the manly divisions of parsimonious necklace
and the bottle to its lighthouse
and among the tigers the real one
the woman covered with decisive poppy
a current of dashing lighthouse
that does not know why it flows and responds.

Carry me onto your airplane – the lemon of my eddy –
pockets of wooden converted into gold.
The order of the candles.


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