The Creepy Phenomena of the Land

Carry me onto your train
under the delirious aroma, many forceful legumes,
of your blood colored
elixir when you hold out your brain
confusion and flute – farms of sorrow.

The defender knows this,
that life in it’s gold boxes is as endless as the utensil
to seek another land.

When you trust pacified like a planetarium
you see ears as gleaming as the sun
This lethargic snow and continuing bed scratches me
with it’s somber hooves like feet and curves
and rust colored flower heads like arm and maps
under the thicket like metal
I could drink abyss, ego, and stench.
From lands and veins.
With a red quiver
with phlegm in my hand
the dead ness of the sweetness, the power of the ice?
deep brown seams above a skeleton jar
as if to prosecute or rustle or delude
like consequences abducting with farms!
We open the halves of a curiosities and the
devouring of jugulars relaxes into the original archipeligos.

In your ears of cracking the heights begins to dream of crystallizing.


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