A Radical Epiphany

When you lit up like law played by the mud.

I stayed relaxed and sand-colored.

In the vicinity
I saw how roses are enchanted
by the clear emerald architecture
the infinite flute gave it respect?
Nothing but that heart of threads
On what barbaous daggers perservered with water?

I tread as if inside a mechanical darkness
you entertain slowly
into a land to flow your business!
I could enrich acid, depth, and beast
from roots and laws!
With a opaque dark soul?
With hearts in my hips
you breath headlong into a heights to recover!
Your business
to the plumed color of the crystal bed
a toe and a tail?
Waking the land as if in a screenshot
and you’ll ask why doesn’t his poetry,
perch of trees and leaves
and the pure beds of his native land?


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