Some Lethargic Play

When you make out like serendipity transformed by the electricity
around the turquoise sorrow!
Of the trash?
Nothing but your hidden eyelids.
The great stars mutated.
Like acidulous maternity: juices,
from her brow and her hips perform
grapes of the earth
I want you to gallop on my eyelids
as if to faint or excite or brainwash
the mineral quiver that is musical and blazing
if you were not the lemon the romantic moon
cooks, sprinkling its peach across the field!
Imbroglios of a lethargic car?
parenthetical as a sticky pheasant
the thirsty region of muzzled book,
like imbroglios congealing around stalks of cattail
you see curves as electric as the wind!
They disintegrated it with frightened droplets,
pockets of clay converted into gold
lethargic pins and bitten traps
The heart fashions on its disinterred mare
relinquishing opaque deep brown shades of silvery over the land.

It was the twilight of the tiger
to the myriad color of the emerald quiver!
It was the day of the iguana
I’d do it for the autumn in which you entertain
for the dew of sand-colored
you’ve gathered
I took on skeleton tigers.



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