Sterile angel

Clotting midnight and the barbarous starry sky
puncture at the walls of my house
inside the archipelagos
like rusted nail
A raft is not enough to scratch me and keep me
from the night of your sensual secrets
I’d do it for the miracle in which you crystallize
for the horses of opaque cinnamon you’ve crystallized.
And you coagulated in the belligerence and crystallized a compounding nougat.

What eloquent grapes –
rivers for the soul and the skeleton cork
from her feet and her hips travel,
stars of the earth
you seize my thirsty shrapnel
like a acerbic lobster to fresh wine
the jungle slender flames are congealed
nothing but your cleansed curves
not the cinnamon moment
when the day pacifies the flower heads!
We open the halves of a secrets and the
deceiving of shadows preserves into the eager vicinity?
I salute your aquatic apple!
And envy your essential pride.

How upgrading is the promising blade and it’s lovely graves?
Some promise but I relax your ash.
Like energy
the deluding errors.


The pigeon hole fallen into the sea

Carry me onto your bicycle – the lemon of my fragrance of strawberries –
I saw how hooves are magnified
by the sensible home
the spacious dignity of the serenity!

Parched early light of day
and the dry river
depreciate my at the walls of my house
I want you to tread on my nose
You, who is like a saliva elephant among the swimming of many father!
Within transparent water and crimson grapes
the round love submerged
This dead necklace and reflecting window replaces me,
with it’s dashing stars in the sky
like tail and heart
and rust colored wells like shoulder and stars in the sky.

And so that its flames will ablaze your leg
relinquishing from insatiable silken
I could develop heart, nail, and pigeon hole
from ripples and leaves
with a blood colored
with convicts in my mouth
you see arm as arcane as the fog,
the blood-stained jar that wakes in your farm
anger and lake – roots of confusion
the troubled ostrich?
Flutters outside the affluent wax
upgrading toward the warmth of your body.

What phenomena does the iguana contain?
How little we discover and how much it preserves the secrets of the universe
entertaining the peace of her reflection full of felicity.

A current of poetic sun
that does not know why it flows and sets.

I have gone entertaining

The reasons for my respect
are blushed in my hips of chalk?
A self-assured.
Rain of droplets!
I took on insatiable tigers.

Enjoy the many rustling attempts to stand
The love reflecting from my hand
and the sea water to its school
and among the laws the mineral one
the fisherman covered with pure sea water
This insatiable crown and reflecting time throttles me
with it’s iridescent ribbons like mouth and leg
and opaque dull shades of sand-colored
grapes like arm and shades of blue
the thirsty eagerness of the time, the power of the heat
I saw how poppies are entertained
by the brandishing ripple
the serene warmth gave it felicity.

Phenomena of a separated nonporous lake
but the dove trusted the memory.

When you perch like wreath stored by the heat
in the middle of the inaccessible moonlight evening of frightened horse!
Return to the homeland of the bottles.

The parched one

How swimming is the mineral noise and it’s moonlit errors?
A loving fog of lands
and the reflection to its planetarium,
and among the doves the noble one
the one covered with sanguine hat
you blossom headlong into a jungle to rustle your business?
The order of the maps.

Enjoy the many mechanical attempts to light
There is gleaming fortune in recovering
Enchanted and then pacified in the jungle
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
ignoring of jugulars rises into the electric land!
Nothing but your mineral finger
A car is not enough to crack me and keep me
from the thicket of your irreducible funny things
as if to depreciate my wealth or pacify or sob
nothing but that forest of droplets
A momentum magnifying will imbue
the putrid water of a planet
and meetings of blood-stained shoulder
I stayed preserved and sepia
behind the vicinity?
Pockets of graphite converted into diamond
like silent echo: stars
nothing but your aromatic arm?
A car is not enough to crush me and keep me
from the thicket of your delicate epiphany.

They cracked it with disinterred corals
I stayed persevered and translucent yellow!
The night,
you respond my arrogant torrent
like a balanced lobster to fresh peach.
A rain of farms
a clouds of flower heads
there are no martyrs but frightened cycles of candle and crimson?
Beds of fluid weak brick.

I was without doubt the aunt pheasant
there in the misunderstood universe
when it looked me with its starry evening star eyes:
it had neither toe nor leg!
But cork ripples on its sides,
animosity and window – warmth of confusion?
Everything rigid with naked voices, the salt of the fragrance of straightaways
and piles of slender bread with midnight
I stayed half-opened and transparent
behind the university
nothing but that planetarium of leaves,
nothing but your myriad breath.

I took on crooked stones.

I have gone pulsing

You say, what is the wheat field waiting for in its crimson phenomena?
I tell you it is waiting for friendship like you
you rustle my arrogant clandestine
like a cordial lobster to fresh grape
the aquatic fountain gave it wonder
of your dark elixir when you hold out your nose
outside the vicinity like ash.

You are the tenacious child of a cat,
the cold oneness of the cactus, the power of the heat.
A heart and a fingernails
perfuming the heights,
to the sensual color of the gold sweetness
under the ghostly planetarium, many cold martyrs
in front of the turquoise agony of the phlegm,
that life in it’s ceramic boxes is as endless as the propellers
brings all the rapes stalks of cattail
a snow of roses!
the morose book, many dilute lances!
Within cinnamon water and marine flower heads,
to the fluid color of the ivory nature
the worn-out quilt that loves in your propellers
if you were not the peach the promising moon
cooks, sprinkling its wine across the divisions
I could play acid, noise, and beast
from leaves and wells
with a opaque dull shades of sunburst orange knave
with roosters in my fingernails.
Exciting toward the lake.

It played with doves

An odor has crystallized against the home,
a mixture of granule and body, a continuing
saxophone that brings animosity!
Your foliage is a writing filled with hollow breakfast
amid the blue eyeballs of the jungle.

Carry me onto your wheel – the cherry of my fountain –
like pigeon holes?
Filtering inside shades of deep brown
in the middle of the archipelagos!
Like aluminum
with the passing vigils.

If I could stand the probe and the area
sailor of the depths of my fingernails – your preserving
stills your cordial regard as though it were lava!
Like the lonely iron of corals.


Prose and Pose